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The beginning - Simple love

SJ (me) I’m Irish, born and raised, then moved to Galicia, Spain in my twenties and lived there for quite some time (let’s not give away exact dates, don’t want to give away my age, you are only as young as you feel anyway). It was there I met the love of my life my media-naranja, my alma gêmea and it was there where we started to make music together, one thing sort of spurred on the other and before you know it we had an album nominated for the independent music awards in New York.. oh and a baby! And then two babies and another album on the way. We are currently pregnant with our second album. We’ve been pregnant for a while now, with two little ones things take waaaaaay longer.  Our house is a busy house and a happy one. 

Tiago, Portuguese, my soulmate, media naranja, alma gêmea studied classical guitar in Vigo, Galicia, Spain, where he serenaded me with his guitar sound. Our song “Simple love” tells the story of how we met and our evolution as a couple in the first few years. 

It is by far our favourite video of us, love, love, love. 

By the time I met Tiago he had been in many different bands and played different styles of music, at that time he studied the guitar for hours per day. I really admired his dedication to his instrument.  Singing was something I had always loved but only ever as a hobby, I did, however, have a secret desire to sing for audiences. 

Tiago, being the professional musician he is, helped me find my sound and voila!  Hot Air Balloon was born. 

Our songs, for the most part, are very personal and close to the heart, as we mature and as our lives change,  so does our sound. It is difficult to write about something you can’t relate to, so we write about what we can. We love what we do, and appreciate the gift of being able to make music together. 

Keep in touch, interact and let us know what you think of our new groovie Webpage!

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